A Great Place to Start

Many thanks to Anna from Colorado for finding this article!

What if you know you want to be a published author, but aren’t sure how to make it happen? While every writer’s journey is different – so different, in fact, that the only thing we all seem to have in common is a pure love of books! – this article found by Anna from Colorado is a great resource to start to think about what your path to publication may look like. https://www.zenbusiness.com/info/writing-careers/

One thing this article does well is think about writing from a very broad perspective. That’s important because any talent or interest you have can be the thing that makes your writing strong. If you have a rich imagination, writing novels might be the way to let that imagination shine. If you’re fascinated by science or the natural world, you may be able to write a nonfiction book or article that captures the wonder or uniqueness of that aspect of our world in a way no one else can.

It’s also helpful to remember that no writing experience is ever wasted. Over the course of your writing career you may challenge yourself by taking on all kinds of different writing projects in a variety of different areas. The thing that’s so empowering about that kind of potential? It’s impossible to make a bad choice. Trust your gut, follow what interests you, and keep doing it as long as it brings you joy. Above all? Keep writing.

Our thanks to Anna for finding this article, and for suggesting it be added to our Resources page!