Writing Careers – Editor & Publisher

Do you want to be part of the team that decides which books are published? Are you skilled at deconstructing stories, knowing what’s missing, and how to make them better? Do you dream of being part of the process that … Read More

Writing Careers – Goodreads Contributor

Do you love to read, and can’t wait to tell everyone about the latest book you’ve picked up? Are you forever curious about the author behind the book, and wonder why they were inspired to write the story, or create … Read More

Pasadena Loves YA Book Festival

The Pasadena Loves YA Book Festival is on September 21st, Noon to 4pm at the Central branch of the Pasadena Public Library. More details below. The Pasadena Loves YA Book Festival is happening September 2st, 12-4 pm, at the Pasadena … Read More

Writing Careers – Freelance Editor

Do You have story “X-ray vision”? Are you incurably inquisitive and have extraordinary self-accountability skills? Would you like to work with authors to help their manuscripts become the best they can be? If so, you may make an excellent freelance … Read More

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

1) This content is specifically and exclusively directed toward those 13 and older; 2) No personal data is collected, stored, requested, sold, or otherwise used by anyone connected to this website; 3) Users and visitors to this website should never … Read More

Writing Careers – Literary Agent

Are you passionate about books and reading? Do you want to be part of bringing quality books into the world? Is it easy for you to talk to others about books you enjoy? Are you able to get them interested … Read More

Writing Boot Camp Series on Story Time Teen

Sharing the first in a Writing Boot Camp guest series for Story Time Teen. If you haven’t checked out Story Time Teen, please do! Follow the link below for the first in a six part Writing Boot Camp series for … Read More

Writing Careers – Speechwriter

Do you have a gift for knowing what people are trying to say, and how to help them say it so they shine? Do you enjoy researching topics, and have an ability to encapsulate that research into a clear message? … Read More